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Wills Attorney in Tustin | Lawyer Alan L. Darnell

The Law Office of Attorney Alan L. Darnell has more than 10 years’ experience providing skilled legal counsel to clients who wish to dispose of their property and monetary assets via the creation of a Last Will and Testament. This is a document that sets forth your preferences for the distribution of your assets upon death. Wills may also provide instructions for funeral arrangements and name a guardian to care for your children should you predecease them.

Tustin Wills Lawyer Alan Darnell is pleased to offer a free initial consultation to all new clients. During your consultation, Mr. Darnell will review the advantages and disadvantages of bequeathing your property to others through the execution of a will. He will also explain other Estate Planning options to enable you to make an intelligent, informed decision.

Whether you want to utilize a will as your sole means of assigning your assets to your heirs and beneficiaries, or wish to create a pour-over will with a trust to maximize the preservation of your assets and minimize tax liability, contact the Law Office of Tustin Wills & Trusts Attorney Alan L. Darnell at (949) 474-1600 to schedule your complimentary, in-office consultation with one of the area’s leading Estate Planning lawyers.

Tustin Wills Lawyer Alan Darnell

Wills generally fall into one of two categories: pour-over wills which are designed to be utilized in conjunction with a trust, and standalone wills that are the sole document directing how your property and other assets are to be divided after death.

Under California Law, in order for a will to be deemed valid by the Probate Court the testator (individual for whom the will is drafted or who drafts a will in their own handwriting) must possess intent to create a will, the testamentary capacity to do so, execute the will of their own volition free from fraud, duress or undue influence, and be properly witnessed and signed.

Whether the testator possessed testamentary capacity at the time the will was duly executed is dependent upon whether they were of sound mind, understood the nature of the document that they were signing, and were at least 18 years of age at the time of signing.

Should the Probate Court deem the will to be invalid, in the absence of an older valid will, property will pass according to the California’s Intestacy Laws. The Laws of Intestacy rarely reflect the wishes of the decedent. Therefore, it is imperative to retain a knowledgeable and experienced Estate Planning Lawyer to ensure that your objectives are carried out.

Attorney Alan Darnell possesses extensive experience drafting wills, and works closely with his clients to obtain a complete inventory of items to be bequeathed to others and draft an enforceable will that will be upheld by the Court.

Contact a Knowledgeable & Experienced Wills Attorney in Tustin

To obtain additional information about retaining a skilled lawyer to draft a will on your behalf, please email Tustin Estate Planning Lawyer Alan Darnell and we will contact you in a timely manner.

For immediate assistance or to make an appointment for a free, in-office consultation, call Mr. Darnell at (949) 474-1600. A highly experienced Estate Planning attorney who also possesses 40 years’ experience as a Certified Public Accountant, Mr. Darnell utilizes a unique approach to Estate Planning. He will explore all of your Estate Planning options with you and help you determine the most cost-effective and expedient manner by which you can ensure that your wishes are fully carried out.

Located in Tustin, the Law Office of Alan Darnell represents individuals and families living throughout the region. Contact Mr. Darnell to learn how you can protect your accumulated wealth and assets and minimize the tax liability which may be imposed upon your estate.

Tustin Wills Attorney Alan L. Darnell