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Tustin Trust Administration Lawyer Alan Darnell

Welcome to the Law Office of Tustin Trust Administration Attorney Alan Darnell. Mr. Darnell has extensive experience crafting personalized Trusts on behalf of clients, as well as providing Trust Administration services.

Trustees are under a fiduciary duty to the trust beneficiaries, and must carry out their responsibilities meticulously with the utmost attention to detail. Failure to do so may result in litigation, and the trustee may be held personally liable for failure to exercise due diligence and care. Because many individuals name family members as their trustees, disputes regarding the mishandling of trusts occur frequently.

Tustin Trust Administration Lawyer Alan Darnell is a knowledgeable attorney and skilled trust administrator. If you have been named as a trustee, it is imperative that you seek legal advice and assistance from a professional who understands the duties that are imposed upon a trustee. Trust administration is an overwhelming responsibility, and should not be attempted without advice and legal counsel from an attorney who possesses an in-depth understanding of the procedures that must be followed.

If you are seeking answers to your trust administration questions, contact the Law Office of Attorney Alan Darnell at (949) 474-1600 to make an appointment for a free, personal consultation. A seasoned attorney who has acquired vast experience in trust administration, Mr. Darnell works with trustees to ensure that they are acting in compliance with the law and properly carrying out the legal duties imposed upon them.

Additionally, he provides knowledgeable legal counsel to beneficiaries who believe that the trustee has breached his or her fiduciary duties by mismanaging trust assets and failing to make disbursements as required according to the terms of the trust.  

Trust Administration Services in Tustin

Trustees are not only required to follow the law with respect to specific acts that must be carried out upon taking over the administration of a trust, but also ensure that the terms set forth in the trust are executed in a timely manner.

Under the law, trustees are required to:

Tustin Lawyer Alan L. Darnell offers Trust Administration assistance to trustees, and is a skilled Trust Administrator who has successfully overseen the administration of numerous trusts throughout the course of his career.

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Whether you are a trustee in dire need of professional assistance when dealing with trust administration matters, or a beneficiary who believes that a trustee has engaged in self-dealing, mismanagement of trust assets, has failed to distribute the assets in a timely manner, or has otherwise breached their fiduciary duty, Attorney Alan Darnell is here to help.

Contact the Law Office of Alan Darnell by calling (949) 474-1600 to schedule your free, in-office consultation with one of the area’s leading Estate Planning and Trust Administration Lawyers.

Conveniently located in Tustin, Attorney Alan Darnell proudly represents clients who live throughout the surrounding communities. Call today to obtain qualified legal advice from a lawyer who strives to preserve and protect the rights of his clients.


Tustin Trust Administration Attorney Alan L. Darnell