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Placentia Estate Planning Attorney Alan L. Darnell

Placentia Estate Planning Lawyer Alan Darnell

Placentia Estate Planning Attorney Alan Darnell has extensive experience in tax planning as well as estate planning. For reliable advice on wills, trusts, probate, and a range of other estate planning needs in Placentia, Orange County, or anywhere in Southern California, call our law office.

Our knowledgeable estate tax planning lawyer and wills lawyer is able to provide individualized service to each and every client. Call our Placentia estate planning lawyer to discuss your estate plan.Placentia Estate Planning Lawyer Alan L. Darnell

Would you benefit from a consultation free of charge with Placentia Attorney Darnell? Contact our estate planning law firm. We return phone messages and emails swiftly. When a new situation arises in a case, we inform the client promptly.

Placentia Estate Planning

All types of individuals should have an estate plan. This is the case for those with many assets as well as for those with few. A proper estate plan will allow the client to designate how the estate will be handled if certain situations occur. If you were to become incapacitated, power of attorney assigns decision-making power to the individual of your choice. Call Placentia Attorney Darnell to discuss complex estate planning needs, and find out how we can ensure your wishes are respected.

As a diligent and reliable Placentia Estate Planning Attorney, Mr. Darnell takes time to gain a thorough understanding of the family’s goals, concerns, and circumstances. This is done before the plan is created. Mr. Darnell is an experienced trust attorney and wills lawyer who gives due attention to every client concern. To ensure a comprehensive and up-to-date plan is maintained, an annual meeting is arranged for each client.

Our Placentia estate planning law firm provides complete services.

Estate Planning Attorney

To gain the services of a reliable estate tax planning attorney, contact Attorney Alan Darnell. As an estate planning lawyer and a previous certified public accountant who has four decades of experience, he has special insights into the most effective ways to manage tax concerns in estate plans. If you would like complete estate & tax planning that you can depend on, call our law office.

Our Placentia estate planning lawyer individualizes his tax planning services for each case. We work to help clients lower tax liabilities and safeguard wealth.

Trust Administration Lawyer

Our Placentia trust administration attorney is able to provide thorough trust administration assistance. If you would like assistance with titling assets, funding or drafting trusts, or another trust matter, call our firm to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

Probate Lawyer

Placentia Probate Attorney Darnell offers experienced counsel for probate matters. We assist executors, beneficiaries, and heirs during the probate process.

Trusts Lawyer for Placentia, California

Our Placentia trusts attorney carefully ascertains and analyzes client goals and challenges before crafting an individualized trust. He informs clients of available options along with the risks and benefits of each. We also explain the responsibilities that will be assigned to the estate trustee. This helps the client better choose an appropriate individual as trustee.

Wills Attorney

A proper will enforces the wishes of the client. Placentia Wills Attorney Alan Darnell knows how to protect client resources and reduce the possibility of litigation occurring in later years.

Our Placentia wills attorney and estate planning attorney works to help individuals and families gain peace of mind. We make sure clients are well informed so they are able to make sensible decisions regarding their estate plan.

Attorney Darnell is able to draft a durable power of attorney so as to protect the estate in the event of incapacitation. Medical power of attorney can also be created for the purpose of assigning a representative to make important medical decisions for the incapacitated individual.

Call a Dependable Estate Planning Lawyer

To get started creating a strong estate plan that helps protect wealth and your family’s future, call our estate planning law firm. We can also be reached through our online contact form. Once we receive and review your form, we will get in contact with you to set an appointment for a free consultation with Placentia Estate planning Attorney Alan L. Darnell.

Estate Planning Lawyer Darnell offers effective counsel to clients in Placentia as well as throughout Southern California. Call our office today to get started.


When coming to our law firm from Placentia City Council, go west on East Chapman Avenue. Turn left at Kraemer Boulevard. Continue onto North Glassell Street. Take the 91 East. Get onto the 55 South. Exit at the Fourth Street Exit. Turn left at East 4th Street. Continue as it becomes Irvine Boulevard. Make a U-turn at Yorba Street. We will be on the left at 17291 Irvine Boulevard.