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Fullerton Estate Planning Attorney Alan L. Darnell

Fullerton Estate Planning Lawyer Alan Darnell

The Fullerton estate planning attorney to contact for reliable guidance on estate planning matters is Attorney Alan Darnell. If you live or work in Fullerton, Orange County, or in any other part of Southern California and have questions about probate, wills, trusts, or similar issues, please contact the law corporation of Alan L. Darnell.

Our estate planning law firm offers a free initial consultation with Fullerton Attorney Darnell. We also get back to clients quickly, returning phone calls and emails as soon as we are able. If there is a new development that affects a case, we share this with you promptly.Fullerton Estate Planning Lawyer Alan L. Darnell

As an experienced estate tax planning attorney and wills attorney, Mr. Darnell offers sound counsel and personalized service to clients. To review or create your estate plan, call our Fullerton estate planning attorney.

Fullerton Estate Planning

Estate planning can benefit everyone regardless of their finances. A sound estate plan directs how certain situations should be handled in the future. For example, if incapacitation occurs, power of attorney will allow a trusted individual to handle important decisions. To learn more about how to resolve complex estate planning issues and make certain your wishes are honored, call Fullerton Attorney Darnell.

Our Fullerton estate planning lawyer carefully ascertains the goals and concerns of his clients. By understanding these issues first, Mr. Darnell is able to tailor the estate plan and address important issues effectively. We also conduct annual meetings with clients in order to maintain relevant estate plans. Call Wills Lawyer and Trust Lawyer Darnell to discuss your questions and specific circumstances.

Estate Planning Lawyer

When the services of an intelligent estate tax planning lawyer are needed, our law firm can help. Mr. Darnell previously worked as a certified public accountant for many years before becoming an estate planning attorney. Due to his diversified background and experience, Attorney Darnell is able to provide dependable estate and tax planning.

Call Fullerton Estate Planning Attorney Darnell for customized tax planning service. Our goal is to lower your tax obligations and preserve wealth.

Probate Attorney

Fullerton Probate Lawyer Alan L. Darnell provides sound guidance on probate matters.  If you are an executor, heir, or beneficiary and need assistance with the probate process, please contact Mr. Darnell.

Trusts Attorney for Fullerton, CA

Do you have questions about trust options? Our Fullerton trusts lawyer will analyze your objectives, circumstances, and concerns before explaining what options could work. We also point out the possible benefits and drawbacks of each choice. We inform clients of the responsibilities assigned to an estate trustee. This helps ensure an appropriate trustee is chosen.

Trust Administration Attorney

Fullerton Trust Administration Lawyer Darnell offers complete support for trust administration matters. Contact our firm to find reliable representation and guidance on funding trusts, drafting trusts, titling assets, and more.

Wills Lawyer

For nearly 15 years, Attorney Darnell has been helping clients complete wills that direct how property and other assets will be cared for upon their death and the way in which other matters should be handled.

As a skilled estate planning lawyer and wills lawyer, Mr. Darnell is able to help families make sensible estate plans and gain peace of mind. He can create powers of attorney for the purpose of protecting the individual and the estate if incapacitation occurs. A medical power of attorney is assigned in order to grant medical-decision making power to a trusted individual if the client becomes unable to do so for themselves in the future.

Call our Fullerton Estate Planning Attorney

Our law firm can help your family create an effective estate plan that protects assets and future finances. Use our online contact form to submit your information for review. We will get in touch with you to schedule a complimentary consultation regarding your estate planning needs. To reach our office and Fullerton Estate Planning Lawyer Darnell directly, call (949) 474-1600.

Fullerton Estate Planning Attorney Alan L. Darnell provides sound counsel to families and individuals in Fullerton and beyond, extending throughout Southern California.


When visiting our estate planning law firm from Fullerton City Hall, go east on West Commonwealth Avenue. Turn right at South Lemon Street. Continue as Lemon becomes North Anaheim Boulevard. Take the 91 East. Get onto the 55 South. Use the East 17th Street exit. When you come to Yorba Street, go right. At Irvine Boulevard, turn right. Our office will be on your left at 17291 Irvine Boulevard.