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Irvine Estate Planning Attorney Alan L. Darnell

Villa Park Estate Planning Lawyer Alan L. Darnell

Villa Park Estate Planning Attorney Alan Darnell has many years’ experience in tax planning and in estate planning. If you reside in Villa Park, Orange County, or elsewhere in Southern California, Mr. Darnell can provide reliable legal counsel regarding probate, wills, trusts, and other estate planning matters.

Wills Attorney and Estate Tax Planning Attorney Alan Darnell provides attentive service to address the individual concerns of each client. Our Villa Park estate planning attorney creates a custom estate plan for every family.

To schedule a meeting with Mr. Darnell at no charge, call our estate planning law firm at (949) 474-1600. Wills Attorney Alan L. Darnell believes in providing prompt service by returning phone calls and emails as soon as reasonably possible. If a new development arises that may affect the estate plan, this is passed along to the client in a timely manner.

Villa Park Estate Planning Villa Park Estate Planning Lawyer Alan L. Darnell

Sensible estate planning can benefit virtually all individuals, whether their assets are few or many. An estate plan allows you to direct the handling of your estate in the event of certain situations. If you become incapacitated, a properly executed power of attorney can enable the person of your choice to make important decisions on your behalf. Villa Park Attorney Darnell handles simple to complex estate planning to ensure clients’ wishes are enforced.

Villa Park Estate Planning Lawyer Alan L. Darnell takes time to understand the specific goals and circumstances of the family before creating the estate plan. He is a trust lawyer and wills lawyer who carefully addresses each concern the client has. To this end, he meets annually with each client to discuss the estate and ensure the legal arrangements are up to date.

Our firm is pleased to provide comprehensive estate planning services for families and individuals.

Estate Planning Attorney

If you need the services of an intelligent estate tax planning lawyer, call our firm. Mr. Darnell is not only an estate planning lawyer, but he has also been a certified public accountant for 40 years. These qualifications give Mr. Darnell outstanding insight and understanding regarding how tax matters and estate planning interrelate. Call our office to obtain complete tax planning & estate planning services.

Villa Park Estate Planning Lawyer Alan L. Darnell offers personalized service for tax planning. If you wish to reduce tax liabilities and protect wealth for future generations, our firm utilizes effective legal tools to do so.

Probate Attorney

Mr. Alan Darnell is a skilled Villa Park probate lawyer offering dependable counsel on probate cases. We advise executors, heirs, and other beneficiaries during the process of probate.

Trust Administration Attorney

The Villa Park trust administration lawyer at our firm is able to provide complete trust administration services. Call us for assistance with properly titling real property and other assets, creating or funding a trust, and other matters.

Trusts Attorney for Villa Park, California

Villa Park Trusts Lawyer Darnell analyzes the client’s legal objectives and challenges before creating an individualized trust. We explain the available options for your estate plan and help identify the most appropriate choice. Our services include educating clients regarding what the responsibilities of the estate trustee will be. This ensures that a capable individual is designated.

Wills Attorney

Mr. Darnell works to write effective wills that enforce the directives of the client. Villa Park Wills Lawyer Alan Darnell has the experience and skill needed to protect clients’ wealth and to minimize the risk of litigation in the future.

Our Villa Park wills lawyer and estate planning lawyer strives to provide peace of mind to individuals and families by creating strong wills and estate plans. Clients are given all relevant information, and we answer questions in order to ensure the best possible estate planning decisions are made.

Mr. Darnell also creates durable powers of attorney, known as a DPA, in order to protect the estate and other important matters in the event that the client becomes incapacitated. Villa Park Estate Planning Attorney Darnell can draft a medical power of attorney so that the representative of choice is able to make vital medical decisions when the client cannot do so for themselves.

Contact our Skilled Estate Planning Attorney

To reach Attorney Darnell and begin creating the right estate plan for your individual needs, call the office at (949) 474-1600 or use our online estate plan evaluation form. After we note your information, we will contact you to schedule an appointment for a complimentary, private consultation with Villa Park Estate Planning Lawyer Darnell.

Estate Planning Attorney Alan Darnell is able to provide reliable, effective counsel to families and individuals in Villa Park and all over Southern California. To find the estate planning representation you need, please contact our office.


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