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Brea Estate Planning Attorney Alan L. Darnell

Brea Estate Planning Lawyer Alan Darnell

The Brea estate planning attorney who delivers effective representation in many estate planning cases is Alan Darnell. If you are in Brea, Orange County, or another community of Southern California and have questions about a will, trust, or probate matter, Attorney Alan Darnell can likely help.

The estate planning law firm of Alan L. Darnell provides each client with an initial free consultation. Brea Attorney Darnell also makes sure to provide prompt return calls and emails. Any new information that surfaces regarding a case is shared with the client as soon as is reasonably possible.Brea Estate Planning Lawyer Alan L. Darnell

Our experienced tax planning lawyer and skilled wills lawyer is pleased to provide clients with reasonable, effective representation that is tailored to their specific needs. Call our office and speak with our Brea estate planning lawyer now to review your current estate plan or create a new one.

Brea Estate Planning

Brea Estate Planning Attorney Darnell carefully ascertains the concerns and goals of clients. Once these are understood, we can more effectively address concerns and questions. Annual meetings are conducted with each client in order to make sure the estate plan is functioning according to current needs. Wills Attorney and Trust Attorney Darnell offers a free consultation in which you can discuss your specific case.

Virtually every individual benefits from well-thought-out estate planning. Regardless of finances, a completed estate plan can help in a variety of situations that may occur. If an individual becomes incapacitated and is no longer able to make important decisions regarding finances or health, a power of attorney can allow a previously designated, trusted person to take on important issues and preserve the individual’s wellbeing. To find out more about solutions to complex estate planning problems, contact Brea Attorney Darnell

Estate Planning Attorney

Mr. Darnell has been a certified public accountant for more than four decades. This perspective allows him to provide better service as an estate tax planning attorney. This well-rounded experience and knowledge allows Attorney Darnell better insights and enables him to provide sound advice on estate and tax planning.

Brea Estate Tax Planning Lawyer Alan L. Darnell provides customized tax planning. We work to lower tax obligations and protect assets.

Probate Lawyer

Brea Probate Attorney Darnell is able to guide clients effectively through probate proceedings.  To discuss your questions as a beneficiary, executor, or heir, contact our estate planning law firm.

Trusts Lawyer Serving Brea, CA

If you need answers to questions regarding trust options, please contact us. The Brea trusts attorney here will carefully go over your goals and any potential problems before outlining possible options for success. He will share what the benefits and risks are for each option. Our firm also helps clients understand what will be expected of an estate trustee so that an appropriate person is chosen for the position.

Trust Administration Lawyer

Brea Trust Administration Attorney Darnell is able to provide complete legal support for all trust administration concerns. To learn more about what we can do to help in funding or drafting trusts, titling assets, and taking care of other necessary aspects involved in a proper trust, contact our law firm.

Wills Attorney

For the past 14 years, our firm has been assisting individuals and families in completing their wills and directing how assets and other matters will be cared for in the future. We carefully handle matters so as to respect and enforce client wishes as well as to avoid future litigation from occurring over the estate.

Attorney Darnell is a helpful estate planning attorney and knowledgeable wills lawyer. He helps clients choose options that serve their interests and preserve peace of mind. Powers of attorney can be drafted in order to protect clients and their assets in the event they become incapacitated. Medical power of attorney protects the client’s health and medical choices if they become unable to make decisions for themselves by assigning this right to a trusted individual.

Our Estate Planning Lawyer Offers a Free Consultation

We are ready to help you and your loved ones with a legally sound estate plan. This can help protect your finances and other assets in the future. The online contact form can be used to submit your information to our office for review. We will then call or email you back in order to make an appointment for your free consultation. To directly reach Brea Estate Planning Attorney Darnell, call (949) 474-1600.

Our Brea estate planning lawyer offers reliable guidance to clients in Brea and beyond.


To find our firm when coming from Brea City Hall, begin driving east on Civic Center Circle. Turn right at East Birch Street. Turn left at State College Boulevard. Turn right onto East Lambert Road. Take the 57 South. Merge onto the 91. Get onto the 55 South. Use exit 11B for Fourth Street. Turn left when you arrive at 4th St. Continue as 4th becomes Irvine Blvd. Make a U-turn at Yorba St. We are on the right side of the street, at 17291 Irvine Blvd.