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Irvine Estate Planning Attorney Alan L. Darnell

Anaheim Estate Planning Lawyer, Probate Attorney

Anaheim Estate Planning Lawyer Alan L. Darnell focuses on providing effective tax planning and estate planning services to clients in Anaheim, Orange County, and Southern California. As a knowledgeable estate planning attorney, Mr. Darnell assists individuals and families with wills, trusts, and probate matters in addition to offering his expertise as an experienced certified public accountant. Our estate planning law firm is serious about helping clients minimize taxes and protect wealth.

If you require assistance from a reliable wills attorney, estate tax planning attorney, or probate lawyer, please contact our law office. Anaheim Attorney Darnell provides personalized guidance and representation that can meet the challenges estate planning presents.

To schedule a complimentary consultation with Anaheim Estate Planning Attorney Alan Darnell, call (949) 474-1600. Wills Attorney Darnell will review your concerns and goals in order to tailor an estate plan specifically for your objectives. He promptly returns telephone calls as well as emails. He also ensures clients are updated on any new case developments.

Anaheim Estate Planning

Whether an individual is young or of advanced years, they can benefit from having a personalized estate plan. Legal tools such as a simple will or power of attorney can protect assets if one becomes incapacitated. Estate Planning Attorney Alan Darnell is able to address complex cases as well as more straightforward ones, making sure to protect client wealth for future generations.

Trust Lawyer Alan Darnell takes the unique goals and circumstances of each client into consideration when drafting the estate plan. Our skilled Anaheim estate planning lawyer addresses every concern. This level of attention to detail is also evident in Mr. Darnell’s work as a wills lawyer. In order to ensure the estate plan is up-to-date, he meets yearly with each client to review their current circumstances, objectives, and any recent concerns that may have arisen.

Estate Planning Lawyer

Attorney Alan L. Darnell is a knowledgeable estate tax planning lawyer and certified public accountant. With more than 40 years’ experience as a CPA, Mr. Darnell effectively blends his unique skills and experience to offer intelligent estate and tax planning guidance.

Anaheim Estate Planning Attorney Darnell offers individualized tax planning. He helps families protect future generations with strong estate plans that reduce taxes and guard wealth.

Skilled Trusts Attorney

Anaheim Trusts Lawyer Darnell creates trusts that meet the specific needs of each individual and family. In order to do this, he carefully reviews the financial goals and circumstances of his clients. Mr. Darnell informs clients of sensible options to help them make the most appropriate decisions. He also explains what type of responsibilities are given to trustees so that the best person can be assigned the position.

Trust Administration Attorney for Anaheim, California

Our Anaheim trust administration lawyer provides service for all trust administration matters. We help clients create trusts, fund trusts, and ensure real property and other assets are titled properly.

Probate Attorney

As an experienced Anaheim probate lawyer, Mr. Darnell guides clients with practical legal advice on probate matters. At our law firm, we also offer support and guidance to heirs and executors throughout the process of probate.

Wills Attorney

With every client, our goal is to create an enforceable will that fulfills each objective. As a reliable Anaheim wills attorney, Mr. Darnell helps families reduce tax liabilities and protect wealth by means of legally sound and clear wills.

As a knowledgeable Anaheim wills lawyer and estate planning lawyer, Mr. Darnell knows that a properly executed will can give clients better peace of mind. Therefore, Attorney Darnell informs clients thoroughly of estate planning options and any other relevant considerations in order to help them make the most beneficial choices.

Our firm assists clients in creating durable powers of attorney (known as DPA) so assets are protected even if the individual becomes incapacitated. Anaheim Estate Planning Attorney Darnell also creates medical powers of attorney. This ensures the properly designated representative is able to make necessary medical decisions in the event the client is unable.

Consultation with a Skilled Estate Planning Attorney

To contact our firm, please call (949) 474-1600 or complete and submit an online case evaluation. We will go over the information and get in contact with you to arrange a no-fee consultation with Anaheim estate planning lawyer Alan L. Darnell.

Our estate planning attorney provides effective counsel to individuals and families in Anaheim and the surrounding areas. Call our firm to benefit from experienced estate planning.


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